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Earthquake (Pony OC) by Bluestar727
Earthquake (Pony OC)
Okay, I'm really proud of this one!!!

Age: (Died at the human equivalent of 57)

Likes(Liked): (Before the accident) Rock climbing, hiking, just being outside in general (After the accident) Being alone and speaking to nobody.

Dislikes(Disliked): (Before the accident) Being trapped inside, rainy days (After the accident) Being outside, seeing "Normal" pegasus ponies, seeing anything that reminded her of her childhood

Personality: (Before the accident) Extroverted, very friendly, happy (After the accident) Introverted, pessimistic, angry and sad at the same time all the time, severely depressed, sometimes came off as insane (probably was tbh)

Sexuality: Asexual

Bio: Left a pretty average life up until The Accident.

Backstory: As a filly, she loved to do outdoors-y stuff, such as hiking or rock climbing. She'd find almost any excuse to just be outside where she could explore. One day, she went on a not-so-safe hike and (Ironically) there was an earthquake. The hike was fairly rocky, so when the earthquake hit, Earthquake's wing was pinned under big heavy boulders. She was faced with a choice; Rip the wing off and live, or stay there and die. She chose to live. She used a smaller, sharp rock that had fallen near her to chop her wing off so she could escape. 
   She felt ashamed and imperfect and refused to face her family or friends, so she opted to live alone in an old shack that was falling apart. All that was there was a nasty mattress and a couch that was falling apart. After the events that had happened finally processed in her mind, she was in shock. She wouldn't speak, she rarely ate, and what little money she had was earned by begging on the streets. 

   The only thing she really did was sit on her couch and stare into space. Because she never did anything after the accident, she never got a cutie mark.

   The necklace she wears was made by her in the early stages of her depression. It's a wing. The basic idea behind it was, if she wore it, she would be "normal" because technically, she "had two wings". of course, that idea didn't last long, but she couldn't get the necklace off, so it's a constant reminder that she was imperfect and abnormal. 

   She had no talent, no cutie ark, no friends, no life. And nobody knew or cared when she died, so she also had no funeral. In the end, she truly had nothing. 


Kat (Who Does NOT wear a hat)
United States
(Literally has nothing to put in the bio lmao)

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