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Death Wish (Pony OC) by Bluestar727
Death Wish (Pony OC)

((Death Wish is the Brown one. The Grey one is Cosmic Stardust

This is what I spend my Friday Evenings doing............... ANYWAYS.... 

Name: Death Wish


Nicknames: Death (O.O), DW, DD, and Daisy (By her auntie)


Age: 1-2 years older than Rarity


Gender: Female


Likes: Embalming, reading, writing, drawing, the Colour Pink.


Dislikes: Public Speaking, most other ponies, excessively rude people, sweets


Fears: Spiders, being around ponies, becoming too close to ponies only to have them leave her, THUNDERSTORMS.


Personality: Kind of a Scaredy-Cat, has average intelligence but lacks the capability to use it, very poor work ethic, tends to be lazy, Is extremely judgmental, tends to hold onto things and never really "Forgives and forgets"


Sexual orientation: Bisexual




  DW has been a Pegasus since birth, both her mother and her father were Pegasi, so she was guaranteed to have wings, not that she ever uses them. One of her wings is terribly broken and DW is expected to never be able to fly again.


Her cutie mark is a coffin, due to her incredible embalming skills.


The little glove-things on her front legs were a gift from her grandmother who was suffering from cancer and didn't have long to live. They were the last gift she would ever receive from her, and as a result, DW never takes them off.


DW is like the pony form of atheist. She does not believe that Celestia and Luna raise the sun/moon


Throughout her life she was bullied by many ponies at her school for A: having Red Eyes and B: being an atheist. The excessive teasing (and beating) made her into kind of a loner. This, along with her grandmother being in the hospital, caused her to fall into a deep depression. She would often break down crying in classes, and at one point burst into tears over spilling her bag of Cheetos.


   Her depression subsided for a while when she got her first boyfriend, but after the first month, he turned out to be an abusive dickbag. Eventually she escaped and dropped out of school. This of course made her parents furious and they kicked her out of the house. So, DW, with no food or shelter, found a cup and started begging for money. She would spend a little on food, resulting in her having one meal a day, and save the rest so she could eventually get a small apartment or something. When she got enough money for the first month’s rent, a masked pony knocked her to the ground and took all her money. Of course she was furious about this, but couldn't do anything about it.


   FINALLY, after about a week, she met Cosmic Stardust, who was very kind and paid for DW's first four months rent on an apartment, a fridge full of food, AND gave her basic education. The two eventually fell in love and ended up sharing Stardust's house. By the time two years had passed, DW had gotten her basic education, gotten a job as a funeral director, and was very close to getting her embalming licence. She and Stardust were very happy.


   Unfortunately, the happiness didn't last long. As DW and Stardust were out shopping, Stardust was struck by a horse cart and died, leaving DW alone once again. After that, she became a hermit, only leaving home for the funeral and to buy food. Not that she really ate much after the incident. The pony that had hit Stardust was taken to trial and was charged with Manslaughter, and eventually was killed in prison.


   DW Eventually left her hidey hole and returned to her job as funeral director. She worked long hours to distract herself from the loss of Stardust, and whenever she was off work, she would get drunk enough to where she couldn't even remember her own name. This went on for about a year, but DW realized that this WASN'T what Stardust would've wanted. She quit drinking, paced herself at work, and slowly but surely got back onto a "3 meals a day" basis.


   DW never got into any other relationships after Stardust, and every morning, she goes to her grave and outs down three roses, Stardust’s Favourite flower.



Kat (Who Does NOT wear a hat)
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